Berried Delights

Jams & Jellies like Grandma used to make!

One of our favorite, easy ways to enjoy our jams is to stir the desired amount into softened cream cheese. This can than be used on bagels, toast, peanut butter sandwiches, rolled into crepes, or used as a dip for fruits and crackers.


Try your favorite Thumbprint cookie recipe using our delicious flavors to fill the indentations. The tart flavors, such as cranberry walnut, cranberry rhubarb and pearadise marmalade work wonders.

Mix equal amounts of wild plum jelly (or chokecherry) and cranberry pepper, or to taste. Use as a dip for chicken, egg rolls, to top pork roasts or chops before cooking. Excellent!!

Top vanilla Greek yogurt (or your favorite flavor) with your favorite flavor of jam or jelly. 
Two of my favorites are the Raspberry Jalapeno or Sassy Peach, they add a bit of a bite to your day.